Cameo Countertops Inc., is a unique company. We mention here and there what sets us apart from others, but what really makes us so different? We could go on and on about every detail that differentiates our company from others. However, this is only one blog, so we will focus on what makes working at Cameo Countertops, Inc. as part of the “Cameo Crew” such a special experience.


To start, it is pretty obvious that our employees are rather diverse. We have a range of personalities  and talents on the Cameo Crew. In fact, they do not even all belong to the same species. Two of our most popular workers, Bugsy and Roxy, and playful pups! They show up to work Monday-Friday like any other employee and make sure to keep everyone in the office smiling! Their official job titles are, “mascots.” We are a family company… and dogs are part of the family!


Speaking of family, it is something that is extremely important to us. We frequently promote that we are a family company. We live up to this by facilitating a homey atmosphere throughout the office. This is easy to do when the Cameo Crew really does consider themselves a family. The close bonds are especially evident at our annual company Christmas party. Members of the Cameo Crew exchanges personalized gifts amongst each other. The thought put into each gift truly shows how well relationships have formed and how they really do consider each other, “family.” Even Bugsy and Roxy receive special gifts from their coworkers. Not every day is Christmas, but the family feeling never fades. Members of our crew are reminded daily that they are valued by the entire team. From “get well soon” cards, to surprise treats and coffee, nobody goes unappreciated.


In order for a company to run efficiently, it must have satisfied employees. It is a very high priority of ours to maintain a positive energy throughout the workplace. Members of the Cameo Crew are constantly joking and laughing with each other. Although they take their work very seriously, they are sure to make each and every day fun. Going to work should be uplifting. The only things draining about our company are the sinks that we sell!


Although we are happy to tell you about what Cameo Countertops, Inc. is like, it is best if we show you! Stop on by and meet the Cameo Crew. You will be greeted with a friendly smile and a fresh pot of coffee! Walking into our office is like walking into a second home.