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Universal Instructions

Although all of our surfaces have high durability for daily uses, there are still measures that can be taken at home to ensure that your countertops remain in their best condition. Below are universal measures applicable to all of our materials, as suggested by our brand manufacturers:

Everyday Cleaning/Disinfecting:

  • Water and a paper towel or soft cloth
  • A damp cloth and a mild detergent
  • Bleach and water diluted in a 1:100 ratio
  • Barkeepers powder for rust

Avoid contact with:

  • Wax/polish
  • Concentrated bleach
  • Cooking grease
  • Permanent markers
  • Solvents/powerful chemicals

Cleaning Techniques:

  • Clean spills completely before they dry
  • Do not use steel wool or sponges
  • Clean in a circular motion while applying light pressure

Material-Specific Instructions

The following are material-specific instructions as suggested by brand manufacturers:


For everyday soap scum, food residues, and makeup and watermarks, Silestone® suggests VIM® Actifizz®. For the more stubborn stains, Ceasarstone® recommends mixing Soft Scrub Liquid Gel® with bleach. In addition, Silestone® advises that the surface be kept out of direct UV light. For intense cleaning, Corian® Quartz recommends the following products:Scotch-Brite®, Formula 409®, Greased Lightning, and Goo Gone®.

Natural Stone

Acid should be avoided in all materials; however, marble is especially sensitive to high levels of acidity.

Solid Surface

In addition to previously mentioned cleaning instructions, Dupont™ recommends Clean EnCounters® for removing dirt and residue. For removing hard watermarks specifically, Dupont™ recommends CLR® and Lime-A-Way®. Additional information regarding care and maintenance can be found by clicking the links to the above mentioned brand’s websites.