How to Make the Right Choice with Countertop Contractors

During the remodeling process, you’re making decision after decision. This can be overwhelming since all the decisions are important ones. Moreover, you want to make sure that the most popular rooms in your home end up with a remodel that looks fantastic.


When you’re gearing up for a project that involves a kitchen or bathroom remodel, you should ask yourself these questions:

– What type of countertop material am I looking for?

– What designs, colors, and patterns fit the room?

– How long will this countertop ideally last?


Answering these questions can help you get to your next step, which is finding a quality contractor—and this can sometimes feel like the biggest hassle of all. In order for your project to turn out perfectly, you have to entrust it with the right team. But how do you know what team is the best choice before they do any work for you?


That’s what this article is here for. It will include a few pointers on how to find a contractor that gets the job done right and is also easy and pleasant to work with.


To find out how to make the right choice with countertop contractors, keep reading. Cameo Countertops is here to help.


Request Personal Recommendations

Reviews of something—no matter what it might be—can be the final straw in the decision-making process. Finding a contractor is no different; reviews of their business can be a huge help in choosing who to move forward with and who to pass. Doing a quick online search will help you find some reviews for contractors, but what can be even more helpful is seeking out reviews from your friends and family.


Personal recommendations and reviews tend to be more trustworthy because you’re familiar with the person who’s giving you the information. Online, anything goes. The glowing review could even be left by someone who works for that particular contracting company. In person, there’s no guesswork.


If a friend has a good experience with a local contractor, they’ll surely be excited to tell you about it so you can have a similar good experience. An added bonus is that you’ll be able to see the work that the contractor is capable of doing by what’s showcased in your friend’s home.


It’s not always sunshine and rainbows, though—but negative experiences can help you make a decision. If a friend had a bad experience with a local contractor, they could give you a fair warning so you don’t suffer the same fate.

Professional Recommendations Are Good Too

Your friends and family are a good place to start, but the next step is getting professional recommendations. These recommendations are from people who are in the contracting field and are familiar with the work that contractors do. By talking to someone in the business, you can get a more well-rounded view of what to expect from the candidates you’re considering.


Asking the company who sold you the countertops for contractor recommendations is always a good idea. At Cameo Countertops, we have plenty of connections with worthwhile companies and would love to share them with you—your satisfaction is our number one priority, and we want to make sure you’re getting the best service possible.


Asking the contractors themselves for professional references is another way to go. Contact those references, collect honest reviews, and see what you think after that.


Lastly, your eyes won’t lie to you. Checking out the contractor’s work in person is a failsafe way to see if you like what you’ll be getting.

Hold Interviews

Once you’ve got your choices narrowed down to a few, consider conducting interviews to find the best fit. When you’re interviewing, consider asking questions like the following:


– How long have you been a contractor?

– What countertop materials do you have experience with?

– How experienced is your crew?

– Can I take a look at your current job to see if our styles match?

– How long will this type of job take you?

– When can you start?


When a contractor has answers to these questions that match your expectations, they might just be your number one choice.

Request Estimates

If you’ve still got a few candidates after the interviews, request estimates from those candidates to see whose work best fits your price range. The contractor will most likely come to your home to gauge the project and see what they’re working with so they can get a good idea of what they’re going to charge.

Go with Your Gut

After moving through this process and taking all of these steps into consideration, you should feel confident about the choice you’re making. Once it comes down to the decision, trust your instinct and go with the contractor that feels right.

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