Countertop Fabricators: What Makes a Good One, and Is There One Near Me?

If you’re on the hunt for a countertop fabricator, there’s no doubt you’re searching for one who knows what they’re doing and can bring your kitchen remodel design dreams to life. In order to get the end result that you envision, it’s beyond important to hire a professional fabricator like the ones we have at Cameo Countertops. We’re reliable, professional, and we’re experts in all things countertop.


In order to hire a quality countertop fabricator, you have to know what to look for. Keep reading to find out the most important qualities that countertop fabricators should have.


Countertop Fabricators—What Do They Do?

It helps to know what ground countertop fabricators cover. These professionals can help you choose the countertop material for your home remodel, which includes measuring the dimensions of your space to find out just how much stone is needed. After this, they’ll help you consider the stone, veining, shading, and color from what the company has in stock.


A good fabricator will also make sure that the stone you’re choosing is going to last. They’ll have information regarding structural testing of the stones from the general areas of each quarry of the stones you’re considering to confirm that you’re making a good choice. They’ll always make sure you’re getting the quality of the stone that you pay for.

Choosing a Quality Fabricator

The importance of picking out an experienced and professional fabricator cannot be overstated. When you’re gearing up for a remodel, it’s inevitable that the countertop will make up a big part of your budget, and all of that money coming out of your pocket at once can be overwhelming. Having a quality fabricator at your side during this process can make it a lot less intimidating, since they’ll provide guidance and save you headaches and money in the long run.


You might be tempted to go for the cheaper stone option and lessen the financial impact of your installation, but a good fabricator knows that investing a larger number up front will make for lower maintenance costs along the way. It’s better to spend more during purchase and installation than to let a low-quality countertop drain your bank account for years to come.


Picking a company like Cameo Countertops that has experience, education, and training for your fabrication will always be the wisest choice.

A Fabricator’s Education

There are no specific education requirements of a countertop fabricator, but a high school diploma is preferred for those entering an apprenticeship. It helps if the person has taken art, math, and vocation courses—but the main portion of training in the countertop business comes from hands-on experience in the field.

A Fabricator’s Training

In many cases, contractors have their own training program for countertop fabricators that entails new workers learning from seasoned pros who have been in the business for years. In many cases, the new guys start out as helpers and learn by seeing and doing.


Some fabricators choose to go through advanced training via industry-specific organizations or training given by manufacturers. There’s no single required training program for all fabricators—but a quality fabricator will have years’ worth of some form of training under their belt.

Other Good Qualities of a Worthwhile Fabricator

To follow are a few more good qualities of a countertop fabricator that you should keep in mind:


Certifications and Organizations

Although being a member of the Stone Fabricator’s Alliance or the Marble Institute of America doesn’t automatically make a fabricator worthwhile, it’s a good indicator of how invested they are in their line of work.

Custom Choices

A good fabricator will have plenty of stone options for you to choose from, including custom options. Having custom options usually means that the fabricator is highly skilled and can provide a higher quality of product than those who don’t.

Full Range of Services

The company you’re working with should be able to provide more than just the product—like us at Cameo Countertops. You shouldn’t have to go somewhere else for installation, they should be able to handle it all (custom designs, fabrication, delivery, and installation) right there.

Locally Owned and Operated

Big chain stores have the recognition factor, but going with a locally-owned countertop fabricator will benefit you in the long run. These businesses have the incentive to keep prices competitive and their work top-notch, and supporting them means supporting your local economy.

Cameo Countertops—Your Local Fabricator

If you’re around Holland, Ohio, and are looking for a quality countertop fabricator near you, look no further than Cameo Countertops. We’ve been in business since 1992 and employ only the most professional and highest quality fabricators to serve our customers with the best result possible. Give us a call today at (419) 865-6371 for a consultation.


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