People around the world are strongly emphasizing sanitization in response to the Coronavirus. Cleanliness has always been a priority, but it is especially highlighted at this time. We want to provide homeowners with peace of mind by pointing out how easily sterilized solid surface countertops are.


Solid surface is manmade and non-porous. It offers many benefits, such as its low maintenance, stain resistance, easiness to repair, and more. In these current times, however, its most notable quality perhaps is its resistance to germs. Since it is non-porous, it does not harbor bacteria. Bacteria can flourish in the tiny recesses of porous surfaces when they find exactly what they need: food, moisture, and a comfortable temperature. With solid surface countertops, you can wipe them off with the knowledge that there are no crevices for substances to lodge into. These countertops minimize the presence of harmful bacteria, viruses, and other issues, like fungus and mold.


You do need to be cautious when using harsh disinfectants on your countertops. Chemicals in some of these cleaners can damage the surface. We understand that you do not want to take any chances with germs right now; however, simply using a cloth with soap and warm water is an efficient way to clean solid surface. Furthermore, soap and water are deemed as an effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as well. How does it fight the virus? Dr. John Williams, chief of the division of pediatric infectious diseases at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, explains that, under the microscope, coronaviruses are covered with spikes, giving them the appearance of having a crown or “corona” (hence the name). Under the crown is the outer layer of the virus, which is made up of lipids, commonly known as fat. Think of soap’s ability to dissolve grease and fats while you do dishes. Dr. Williams states, “It physically inactivates the virus, so it can’t bind to and enter human cells anymore,” in regards to this cleaning method.


You may have already loved the look of your solid surface countertops, but now you can hopefully develop a new appreciation for them with their cleanliness. We also have some great news for quartz owners… the above information is applicable to quartz countertops as well! If you have a natural stone, like granite, do not panic. Sealers help prevent substances from lodging into pores and nourishing bacteria. With our countertops, you can rest assured knowing that your home has been thoroughly sanitized. We hope that everyone stays clean and stays safe!