Have you been wondering when it is time to replace your old countertops? This is an important decision, as the countertops serve as a focal point in a home. They have the ability to make or break the aesthetics of a kitchen or bathroom! If you are pondering an update, you probably are experiencing at least one of the following signs.

1. Your Countertops Are Cracked Or Chipped

Countertops can crack and acquire chips over time. Ideally, home owners have quality countertops that they take the proper steps in caring for. However, mistakes do happen and even the highest quality countertops can be damaged. Fortunately, you are not trapped with worn down countertops forever. We can replace your old countertops with a similar color and material, or install completely new and upgraded countertops in your home. Whether you desire the same look, or crave something fresh, we are here to help!


2. Your Countertops Have Stains, Discoloration, Or Water Marks You Cannot Remove

Have you spent hours scrubbing the same spot? Save your strength for sports or the gym, that spot might be permanent. In this case, the only solution is to update your countertops. You will feel extremely relieved to look at a spotless countertop surface. In order to prevent your new countertops from suffering the same fate as your previous countertops, we offer blogs containing advice on how to avoid any and all permanent stains, discoloration, or water marks.


3. You Want To Increase Home Value

Even the slightest countertop damage can decrease the condition of your property; therefore, lowering the resale value of your home. Certain materials, such as quartz, can add value to the home. However, even if you have a trendy, desired material, it will still detract from your profit if it has any damage. Do not let what could be a simple fix cost you majorly in the resale value of your property.


4. Your Countertops Are No Longer Trendy

Just like fashion trends change, so do home design trends. What was once the most sought after style may be old news by now. For instance, not long ago, all white kitchens seemed to be all the rage. Now, in contrast, it appears that dark countertops and cabinets are moving in as the new trend. If you are unsure whether or not you have trendy countertops, check out our blogs regarding current and predicted trends!


5. You No Longer Love Your Kitchen

Countertops serve as a focal point. Changing just your countertops can change the entire look of your kitchen. They can set the theme, pull out certain tones and undertones of aspects within the kitchen, add texture, and liven up the room! Updated countertops can make you feel like you have a brand new kitchen… without spending a fortune.


6. You Need More Countertop Space

If it is difficult to prepare food, eat, or display a meal on your countertops, that is a good indicator that you are in need of an update. Countertops are crucial in a kitchen, as they serve a myriad of functionalities. If you find yourself limited, you may need more surface space. This can be achieved through a new layout, or an addition such as an island or breakfast nook. Regardless the route taken,  sufficient space should not be sacrificed.

7. It Is Hard To Move In The Kitchen

A kitchen is a busy area in the home that typically sees a lot of traffic throughout the day. If it is hard to move about the kitchen, you might want to consider a better suited countertop layout. The right layout has the ability to optimize kitchen space, allowing people to freely move in and out of the kitchen without causing a traffic jam.


8. Your Tastes Have Changed

Perhaps you adored your countertops when they were first installed, but now, you have grown tired of them. Even if you still like them, maybe you have found something better. Regardless of the reason, it is completely normal for peoples’ tastes to change. You should not be locked into countertops that you do not absolutely love. If you have a different preference, you deserve your dream countertops!


Updating your countertops may be cheaper and easier than you think. Cameo Countertops, Inc. offers a variety of quality surfaces at modest prices. We strive to provide  you with countertops that you adore, regardless of your budget. The many customization options may sound overwhelming, but we have an experienced staff ready to guide you through the entire process. Schedule your appointment today by calling (419) 865-6371-X109.