It is hard to watch a Romantic Comedy without the topic of commitment coming up! This may be a common theme in movies, but it is not so prevalent when talking about home remodeling. Despite this, it is important to consider how committed you plan to be to the countertops you choose. This affects price, color, material, and more!


If properly cared for, all of our materials (natural stone, solid surface, quartz, and laminate) offered have the ability to withstand the test of time. No matter the material, countertops are an investment. However, multiple factors go into choosing which surface to invest in. One of those factors being commitment.


If you plan to have the same surface for many years, you may want to spring for a higher grade material. This will provide you with a countertop that is more resistant to damages throughout the years. Even if a homeowner is extremely cautious to avoid damages, mistakes do still happen. You may also want to lean towards a more neutral color that will pair well with different colors and accents. This will give you the freedom to change your cabinets and repaint the room many times over the years without worrying about the new look clashing with your countertops. A high grade, neutral tone material will withstand years of use, as well as compliment varying room themes.


If you know you are the type of person who craves change, maybe you should choose a lower grade material. Since it will be exposed to less time of wear and tear, it need not be as durable as higher grade. This allows your budget room to update the countertops as your tastes and style changes. You also may feel more free to choose a bold color, as the risk of the countertops and new room themes clashing is far reduced. A lower grade, bold colored material allows you the freedom to redo the entire room multiple times and constantly have a new, exciting look.


Before you settle on a color and material, make sure to ask yourself how committed to your countertops you are. If the answer is highly committed, meaning you plan to have the same countertops for a prolonged period of time, you may want to consider a higher grade, more neutral colored material. If the answer is not very committed, meaning you plan to redo your countertops in the near future, a lower level material of any color may be best.