February in Ohio? Talk about the February blues! The holiday excitement is over and you likely have not seen the sun for months. This sounds a little gloomy, but do not allow yourself to feel too down this month. Fortunately, we have some February Blues that may actually cheer you up! We are talking all about blue tinted countertops and how to pull them off.


Shades of blue are available in all of the materials that we offer. Even natural stone, such as granite and marble, can satisfy the desire for blue. In addition, the degree of blueness greatly varies. On the more modest side, colors may show just a mere blue tint, which is hardly noticeable. In contrast, the boldest colors exude a vibrant blue all throughout the surface. For customers looking for something more in between, we have a variety of colors with blue patterning. For instance, Calacatta Lago White quartz presents grayish-blue veining against a white background. The balance in Calcutta Lago White allows homeowners to incorporate pops of blue, without it overwhelming the entire theme. Whether you want a subtle hint of blue, or a colorful, dramatic look, we have a color for you!


In addition to color choices, other aspects in a room can affect the degree of blueness that shows. In previous blogs, we have discussed the color wheel. Since it comes into play once again in this blog, we will repeat our breakdown of it in case you have forgotten. Complimentary colors are colors opposite of each other on the wheel. If paired together, they make one another pop more. For example, an orange wall will cause a blue countertop to appear bluer and more dramatic. This goes for cabinet tint as well. If you want your countertops to look very vibrant, having orange or red undertones in your cabinets will accomplish this. On the other hand, cabinets with cool tones will dull the boldness of a blue countertop. The degree of blueness in your countertop fluctuates based on the surroundings of the room. Taking this into consideration allows you to manipulate how dramatic your countertop will appear.


Now, let’s say that you fall in love with Azul Bahia, a very vibrant blue granite color. If you love this particular color, but do not want to overwhelm the room with that much blue, you do have some control over the boldness. For a less dramatic appearance, we suggest cool tones in your cabinets and avoiding a warm color of paint. In addition, you can even add cool toned accessories to balance the blueness out even more. Something as simple as green plants placed around the room will detract from the depth of the blue. Controlling the drama is especially easy with the colors more towards the middle of the vibrancy spectrum. As we mentioned before, Calacatta Lago White quartz falls into this category. Manipulating how blue the veining in this color appears depends on the surroundings in the room. For it to look more on the grey side, incorporate a lot of cool colors in your decorating. To really make that blue pop, use tones like oranges and reds.