Granite countertops were once all the rage… but it seems like quartz is taking over. Advancements in manufacturing technology has made new quartz colors and patterns possible, so it is not hard to see why homeowners are swept up in the excitement. Although quartz is a fantastic material, granite should not be overlooked.



Pricing often steers homeowners away from granite before even checking into it. Many assume that granite is a costly material; however, that is not necessarily true. We offer granite in a wide range of prices, meaning that you do not need to have a substantial budget to purchase granite countertops. Beyond the purchase price, the cost of upkeep should be accounted for as well. Granite is low maintenance, meaning that updates and repairs are minimized. Upkeep costs can quickly add up; however, this stone allows you to avoid much of the maintenance associated with less durable materials. Furthermore, it is typical that granite must be resealed annually, which adds to the cost of owning it. Despite this being the usual circumstance, Cameo Countertops, Inc. applies a sealer that lasts up to 15 years. If you are in love with this material, we do not want price to prevent you from having the granite countertops that you have been dreaming of.


Granite’s durability makes it able to withstand even the toughest of kitchen demands. It is a coarse-grained igneous rock composed primarily of minerals like orthoclase, albite feldspars, and quartz. Granite’s composition gives this natural stone it’s toughness. If you feel that you put your countertops at a high risk for damage, this may be the stone for you. Unlike many other materials, granite is also suitable for outdoor use, as it is highly heat resistant and unlikely to discolor when exposed to UV rays. Go ahead and put this material to the test!


This one may be obvious, but we should still mention it: beauty. Granite offers a captivating appeal. Adding to this appeal is the authenticity of knowing that it was created naturally, not manufactured by a machine. The Earth produces granite in a wide variety of colors and patterns, each slab having its own individual flair. The incredible range of different looking granite means that there is a color out there for everyone. Whether you prefer solid, subtle countertops, or crave something bold and flashy, odds are there is a granite option that will cater to your desires.


No two slabs of granite are the same. This offers an element of excitement when installing granite countertops. Homeowners can continuously find different hints of color and patterning when they look closely at their finished product. Adding to this thrill is the fact that each installment is unique to the home that it is in. Nature will never replicate a perfectly identical stone. Even if a customer purchases the exact same color as another customer, their countertops will not be identical. This allows homeowners to differentiate themselves with their very own unique look.


Having said all of this, we are by no means bashing other materials! The choice of material all comes down to your personal preference and needs. However, we want to make sure that granite is not overlooked or forgotten about. In summary, it is uniquely beautiful, durable, and not as costly as you may think. It is a an extremely high quality material that should be considered when choosing countertops.