Although a ton of fun, designing countertops can also pose some difficulties. You want countertops that look stunning and also serve your needs. The balance between beauty and functionality, however, can be hard to achieve. Especially if it is your first time doing so, you may be prone to some popular design mistakes. This blog will help you avoid a few of the most commonly made mistakes when designing countertops.

Poor Layout

Your stove, fridge, and sink should form a triangle that is easy to navigate. You should be sure that your countertop layout compliments this concept for ease in moving around your kitchen. Avoid obstructing the triangle by placing an island or nook in the way. This is easy to overlook in designing, but becomes evident while using your kitchen.

Not Researching Materials

It is common for people to have one material stuck in their mind for countertops, but there are a variety of viable options to consider. There are also many components that go into choosing a material, such as budget, needs, aesthetics, and long term vs. short term desires. If you plan to resell your home in the near future, you must consider what color and material will improve resale value, in addition to your own personal tastes. With a myriad of great materials to choose from, it is crucial to research materials and decide which is best suited for your own needs and preferences. Of course, Cameo Countertops Inc. will gladly provide you with this knowledge and insight when you choose us as your fabricator.

Improper Surface Space

Too little surface space is a commonly discussed problem, but there is also a thing as too much surface space. Unnecessary countertop space infringes on seating, storage, appliances, and walking space. Be sure to use the space of the room wisely. Do not crowd the room with countertop surfaces. Consider your needs and plan your amount of surface space accordingly. Ultimately, do not skimp on countertop space, but do not be greedy with it either.

Overlooking the Bigger Picture

Picking elements in isolation is one of the most common mistakes that people make when designing their kitchen. Every aspect should build off and compliment one another. Elements that are beautiful individually can easily clash with other elements and cause the space to look overwhelming or unpleasant. In addition, too many similar elements can create a boring room with nothing to pop and catch attention. A good way to avoid this problem in designing is to focus on one aspect and build everything else around it. For example, you can design everything off a specific backsplash that you adore, or even something as simple as a decorative vase. Regardless of what you pick, focusing on one thing helps to create a cohesive room that flows.

Not Choosing the Slab

Especially with natural stone, such as granite, picking the individual slab that you want is very necessary. This is because no two slabs of natural stone are alike. Natural stone is produced by the earth, not man, and nature loves uniqueness. Although the variation among slabs offers an element of excitement when installing natural stone countertops, you should have the look that they desire. Choosing a color based off of a sample merely gives an idea of what the final product will look like with natural stone. Some slabs have more veining and color splashes than others, so the slab preference depends on the homeowner’s personal taste.


Following the Wrong Trend

Who can resist the thrill of a brand new design trend? It is not only fresh and exciting, but people crave the “latest and greatest” of everything. With the allure of an emerging trend, there is also uncertainty. A brand new countertop fad requires time to test if it will last or quickly fizzle out. Beware of new trends in permanent places, like countertops. It is quite risky to jump immediately on a trend that may be old news before you even have time to enjoy your new countertops.

Poor Lighting

Anyone who cooks probably wants to see what they are cutting so they can be sure that it is food and not their fingers. To avoid cooking tragedies, be sure to have proper ambient light for general purposes, and spot lighting on specific areas of your countertop where you need to focus. On a less dangerous note, poor lighting also makes cleaning difficult. How will you know when your surface is clean if you can barely see it? Avoid germs and accidents by making sure to have good lighting where you need it.

Considering Too Many Opinions

We greatly promote customization with countertops. Our sales staff is trained to help customers customize their dream countertops exactly how they like them. People often take too many outside opinions into consideration when it comes to home design. Although suggestions from others are great, the most important opinion is your own. Your neighbor may love neutral tones, but that is irrelevant if you are drawn to bold colors. Everyone has their own individual style, do not ignore yours.


Now that you are aware of some common mistakes, you can be sure to avoid them. We are prepared to guide you through the process of customizing your dream countertops. Simply schedule an appointment to embark on your very own design journey. We cannot wait to provide you with countertops specific to your individual tastes and needs!