Fall is here and the kids are back to school. That means that you hopefully have some time to yourself to relax and enjoy your home. During this time of leisure, we thought that you could use some luxury. That is why we figured it would be the perfect time to talk about marble!


Marble is limestone that endures enough heat and pressure to be transformed into a harder, more colorful material. This process takes hundreds of years to complete, so marble is found within the oldest parts of the Earth’s crust. Marble spreads throughout Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. This exquisite material is the foundation for constructing empires. It was even used to cover some Egyptian Pyramids. In addition, Egyptian palaces were often adorned with this exquisite stone. It is deeply rooted in ancient art and architecture. From timeless statues, to the Coliseum, marble is a classic!


Today, the look of marble is highly sought after in all forms. It appears in phone cases, clothing, and decor. Despite the popularity of a marble pattern, the allure of authentic marble countertops is irreplaceable. Between the unique flare of each slab and the rich history associated with the material, marble never truly goes out of style. It is an excellent way to bring a luxurious taste of ancient history into your very own home.