People tend to avoid marble countertops because they assume the luxury surface is outside of their budget. In reality, when you consider all the variables, marble countertops can be an affordable and smart investment for our home renovation choices.

While marble countertops are not the most affordable option upfront, when homeowners consider the longevity of the material and the higher quality, the price tag on marble countertops becomes a justifiable and good investment.

Here are a few reasons that those coveted marble countertops are more affordable than you may think!

Timeless Aesthetic

Marble is a timeless material! Just take a look at the cathedrals and monuments built by ancient Romans and Greeks to see that marble virtually never goes out of style!

While other materials such as ceramic and tile can offer a lower price point, the designs and aesthetics are likely to go out of style before too long. Alternating big-ticket home items with every changing trend gets pricey.

How many affordably priced laminate countertops were installed in the 70s and 80s only to be ripped out by the next generation a decade later? And let’s not get into the floral wallpaper trend!

Marble countertops ensure that the look of your kitchen will remain in style for decades or centuries to come.

Durable and Long Lasting

Much like the similarly durable granite, marble is a long-lasting, tough material. Generally, natural stone materials have a longer lifespan than engineered materials. When properly cared for, marble countertops can more than pay for themselves by holding for years of spills, dropped pots, and sticky little hands.

The National Association of Home Builders has determined that marble countertops, when well maintained, last twice as long as many other countertop materials—up to a hundred years!

When you consider how long high-quality marble countertops will last, the long-term value becomes much more affordable. Compare the price of one installation of marble to two or three installations of a lower-quality material.

Raise Property Value

High-quality marble countertops are a wise investment for homeowners. Let’s face it—it’s a seller’s market. For anyone thinking about putting their home on the market, investing in beautiful marble countertops can help elevate the value of their property.

Typically, the amount of the home value raised thanks to marble or other natural stone countertops exceeds the price of the material and the cost of installation.

The investment in marble countertops is an investment into the overall value of your home. Marble countertops, with a timeless aesthetic and high-quality finish, can also help entice potential buyers and renters looking at your property. Put your house at the top of the most-wanted list by installing the materials that house hunters really want.

Ready to Invest in Affordable Marble Countertops

Marble countertops offer homeowners a good investment due to their timeless aesthetic and high-quality durability. Marble never goes out of style! Marble countertops can also help raise the home or property value and entice potential buyers or renters!

Investing in marble countertops is an investment in a high-quality, durable product that will raise the value of your home and last for years to come.

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